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2000W Razorlase Diode Laser Hair Removal Device SDL-M


Razorlase LaserHair Removal Principle

Razorlase laser uses the principle of selective photothermalaction to irradiate high-intensity 755/808/940/1064nmlaser to the hair follicles. After the laser irradiation, the hairfollicle stem cells are destroyed, and the hair follicles nolonger grow hair, thereby achieving the purpose of hairremoval.

laser hair removal principle.png

Why Choose Razorlase Laser

* Cool and painless hair removal experience

* High energy and large spot size make treatment more efficient

* Double handles can be switched at will for flexible operationV Permanent hair removal makes your skin smoother

* A hair removal machine that has both good looks and strength coexist



All Skin And Hair Types

Razorlase Laser uses Trio clustered diode technology, whichallows the applicator to deliver three different laserwavelengths.These wavelengths can reach different tissuedepths. These three wavelengths include Alex 755nm forvarious hair types and colors, Speed 810nm for fastertreatments,and 940nm/1064nm for darker skin.



Painfree laser hair removal