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755 1064 Alex Yag Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal Machine


755 1064 Alex Yag Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal Machine

What is an alexandrite laser?

Alexandrite laser is one that uses an alexandrite crystal is used as the laser source or medium. The alexandrite laser produces a specific wavelength(755nm wave and 1064nm wave) of light in the infrared spectrum (755 nm). It is considered a red light laser. Alexandrite lasers are also available in the Q-switched mode. Q-switching refers to the technique of making the laser produce a high-intensity beam in very short pulses.

How does an alexandrite laser work?

The wavelength of high energy light emitted by the Alexandirte laser is converted to heat energy and this damages the specific target area. The alexandrite lasers work by a process of photothermolysis: this means using light (photo) to heat a selected area for destruction.Alexandrite lasers cause very precise tissue destruction of the lesion and leave the tissue in the surrounding area undamaged.







1. Hair removal on all skin and hair types
2. Spider veins
3. Telangiectasia and telangiectatic matting on the face and legs
4. Nail fungus treatment
5. Removal of epidermal pigmented lesions (Sun-damaged skin, Age spots, Freckles)
6. Treatment of vascular anomalies