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Beijing Sincoheren, established in 1999,

with branches of Ausmed International in Australia; Mini Medzin GmbH in Germany, AI Medical Laser LLC in USA, is leading manufacturer of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines as well as Lasers and other cutting-edge technology equipment. Our machines are competitively priced to make them affordable without sacrificing on quality.

Besides, we have a local representative - Hamid Nematimood, for Canada local aftersale services, training, etc support, especially in Ontario.

  • Sincoheren Factory
    We are manufacturer of professional aesthetic equipment with 25 years of history, we have the FDA for USA, Medical CE for Europe, ISO 13485, TGA for Australia etc.
  • Congress Expo Show
    We are dedicated to world aesthetic market for more than 20 years, we attend Derm Congress or Expo Beauty Show in the US, Australia, Germany, Italy ... and visit clients, offer local training.
  • R & D Department
    Beijing Sincoheren has more than 20 professional engineers who have foreign experience of beauty equipment. We also offer OEM service and ODM service.
  • Foreign Local Service
    We have offices in the US, Australia, Germany, Mexico and Chile, we can offer Training and Local Service.
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Successively in the past 20 years , Sincoheren has developed medical Laser skin treatment instrument ( Nd Yag Laser ) , intense pulsed light medical device ...
Orina Yanais
Job Title: Aesthetic Consultants
From: Germany

We got Razorlase laser hair removal from Sincoheren group in 2015. The device is definitely one of the most powerful ones among all the laser machines we got from China. Most clients have seen good results from 3-5 treatments . Sincoheren is one of the very ...

Job Tite: Beautician
From : UK

We got the Preci-pulse and 4DHIFU from sincoheren at the show in Europe. After using the devices a few months I have been recommending sincoheren to my friends in the beauty industry . Because the devices really work and the service is al...

Michelle Lin
Job Title: Licensed Beautician
From: UK

I've just completed all 4 treatments and as for now, i can tell that my stomach definitely feels a comfortable sensation, the treatment feeling like a warm deep-tissue massage. my butt area and on the sides of my thighs a feeling smoother, firmer and tighter. 

Job Title: Dermatologist
From: USA

It is a great experience working with sincoheren group. We visited a few companies in China last October, and found sincoheren is one of the most professional ones with doctor team for training and clinical studies, which is most Chinese companies ...